How to Troubleshoot an HP Printer That’s Not Working

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Troubleshoot an HP Printer

How to Troubleshoot an HP Printer That’s Not Working

Whether or not your printer is not functioning due to blocked nozzles, paper jams, or printer driver problems is hard to say, as it’s a wild-goose chase to know the exact reason for a breakdown. Sometimes your HP printer may fail when you need it the most. Other times, it’s frustrating when the print quality goes haywire on the critical documents you need. Whatever may be the cause, the first step to troubleshoot an HP Printer is to locate the issue and understand how to fix a printer back.

To troubleshoot common HP printer issues, follow these steps:

A Step-By-Step Guide to Troubleshoot HP Printer

If your HP printer doesn’t print, follow these steps to explore the underlying cause

Step 1: Start with Printer Basics

Check the basics, e.g., are printer cables connected? Does the paper tray have a sufficient stack?. Also, see if there’s any paper stuck in the feed assembly. Next, check the toner and ink cartridge for any leakage.

Step 2: Stall all Ongoing Print Jobs

Sometimes, print jobs that you send to your printer may get stuck in the queue. This can hamper the printing process, so make sure to clear the print queue before resolving the issue.

Step 3: Check Print Heads and Cartridges

Ensure that print heads are installed appropriately. If ink cartridges have enough ink, try reinstalling both of these components.

Step 4: Check Printer Software

If your printer device isn’t responding to the print command, check the HP printer software on your computer. Try to uninstall and reinstall the printer driver to rectify unresponsive device and to troubleshoot HP printer.

Step 5: Check Printer Settings

Checking the printer settings is also a probable solution. Make sure that the margins set are at minimum levels as supported by the printer. Also, check the settings of document type and paper size for the desired output.

Other Common Issues with HP Printer

HP printers are most reliable in their performance but need proper repair and maintenance like any other hardware device.

Here are some common HP printer problems and how to fix a printer with some simple tricks.

1. Paper Jams

With any make of printer, paper jams are an underlying problem. Paper jam happens when the printer is dirty or has the wrong type of paper on the feed tray. Your HP printer is equally susceptible to paper getting stuck into the printer, so you can’t eject it.

There are easy fixes like:

  • cleaning your printer regularly
  • or feeding the right type of paper.

But, if the problem lies with printer rollers, the task might not be that easy. Depending on the model, the rollers may be easily accessible, or you may need to tear down the entire printer to resolve the issue.

HP printers that hold the paper vertically are prone to this problem. These printers aren’t suitable for heavy office use. If you’re also using the same type of printer, you can replace it with the best SHARP printers like MX-6050N that gets the work done with perfection.

2. Not Printing Black Ink

Sometimes, you may find that your HP printer is not printing black ink, especially in an inkjet printer. Though it seems viable, a new printer cartridge won’t resolve the issue. You need to troubleshoot it by finding the real cause of the problem. It may involve some trials and errors to begin.

Firstly, check if the protective tape on the black cartridge is on or off. If it’s on, shut it off immediately.

Next, you can calibrate your printer or run a self-test diagnostic to get rid of the issue. If none of these solutions work, it’s time to replace your printer with a better model.

In the LaserJet printers, you can go to the menu and print Troubleshoot PQ Pages. If black ink still doesn’t appear, disable the cartridge, switch it on the menu, and print again. This process may troubleshoot HP printer.  

3. Issues with the Printer Driver

While you may not notice, a lot of problems in your HP printer can be due to an obsolete printer driver. A majority of users don’t pay heed to update the printer driver to its latest version, and the problems begin. You may encounter issues of compatibility with the Windows operating system on your PC or malware affecting the operations. 

To rectify the problems of a faulty printer driver, you may need to install the latest updates or seek professional help.

4. Ghosting

When your HP printer prints images without any issue but text from the main document gets inked on the final output, it is ghosting. It is one of the most annoying problems you may encounter on your HP LaserJet printer.

Usually, ghosting happens due to problems with the power port. So, you may remedy it by plugging in your printer to another power source. Also, reboot the PC and other connected devices to troubleshoot HP printer.

Ghosting may also happen if consumable printer parts like imaging kit and drum are nearing their finish line. These parts are rated for printing a specific number of documents. Once there, you need to replace these components to prevent ghosting.

5. Error 79

You may come across the error 79 on your HP printer when the network print server isn’t working correctly. To troubleshoot this error, you should open “Printer Folder” in the “Start Menu” on the printer server. Make sure there are no pending jobs on the server.

Sometimes, this error may also show up when there is a failure in a printer add-on component. The add-on parts like RAM module and MIO card should be immediately removed and placed again to the printer. You can also troubleshoot HP printer showing error 79 by adding one part at a time, so you can find which module isn’t working.

6. Faded Printing

Anyone of these conditions can lead to faded print images- low print density, Economode turned on, or when the printer is low on toner. You can run a printer self-test to check the current settings. When Economode is turned on, you’ll get a light print. Turn off the setting and change the print density to ‘High.’

For a low toner, you can remove the cartridge and shake it a bit to redistribute the toner evenly. However, this is just a quick fix until you replace the cartridge.

You need reliable performance from your printer, especially when it’s vital for you. It is always better to invest in the latest technologies fueled by innovation. Apart from HP, you can discover the benefits of using the best SHARP printers.  

MX-C301W printer series from Sharp enables wireless connectivity in its small size, and MX-C300 models have an interactive control screen with 3-in-1 efficiency that minimizes downtime.

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