10 Fun Printable Thanksgiving Decorations 

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10 Fun Printable Thanksgiving Decorations 

 Thanksgiving is that time of the year when you want your home to look cozy and inviting. Gather the elements you love about the season- plaids, bright colors, corn husks, crisp apples, and wildflowers. And make the best printable Thanksgiving decorations.

With printable decoration items, you needn’t rush to the store for adorning your home, nor do they break your bank. With free printable decorations, you can deck up the walls, tables, and mantle to warm up your home to the holiday season.

Here are some fun ideas that you can try out this year.

Have Fun with These 10 Printable Thanksgiving Decorations

When you want to choose printable decorations for Thanksgiving, there are plenty of options on the internet. Look through printable designs online; print what you like, and voila!

And don’t forget to go through the latest Thanksgiving printer sale 2019 to get the best printouts in gorgeous winter colors, especially if your existing printer needs an upgrade or change.

So, here we go:

1. Decorations for Your Table

Whether you need cute placement cards or stunning centerpieces, printable decorations cover every need. Your turkey will look better next to some exciting décor items. You will not only create a warm table setting but also find amazing activities to keep kids busy while you focus on preparing the festival meal. 

Print placemats where your guests can express their thanks in words or create coloring placemats at each seat for loads of excitement. Also, you can tie printable place cards to the candle centerpieces using a burlap ribbon. It looks charming and festive.

2. Printable Photo Booth Props

Thanksgiving is a wonderful way to enjoy family time. And what’s better than getting those selfies at a photo booth with your family and friends. Check out the Thanksgiving printer sale 2019 and buy a printer that can churn amazing and colorful photo booth props. They are super easy and fun.

From pilgrim hat to pumpkin, corn husk, lips, turkey break, drumstick, mustache, sunflower, acorn, or a simple ‘Happy Thanksgiving Day’ sign, every idea is adorable and easy if you have the right printer.

3. Thanksgiving Banner for the Mantel

Make a beautiful banner for your mantle by printing letters that spell ‘Thanksgiving’ or ‘Give Thanks’. Attach these letters to a ribbon or string and hang them over the mantel. Print the letters on brown paper for a rustic feel or use colorful craft paper for a festive vibe. It’s an absolutely simple decoration that takes hardly 20 minutes to create.

4. Thankful Tree Printable

A Thankful Tree is one of the most alluring printable Thanksgiving decorations. It serves as a lovely centerpiece for your table settings, as well. Make a tree and print out some fun Thanksgiving printable tags to hang on it. Make your kids and other family members write their ‘Thanks’ on each card, and your perfect centerpiece is ready!

5. Thanksgiving Memory Cards

You can use this interesting printable for your Thanksgiving dinner table decoration. It’s a wonderful way to recount the most beautiful memories and holiday moments. Ask your guests to fill out their most loved memoirs on these printable cards and place them with each plate on the table.

These cards will become the focal point of conversation during your feast when everyone can reminisce and laugh about memories they love. Find the best designs for the cards. If your printer isn’t up-to-date, check the Thanksgiving printer sale 2019 to buy a new one.

6. Gratitude Print for the Doors or Walls

Don’t keep your doors and walls bare on Thanksgiving when you can make some stunning signs to hang on them. Print ‘Gratitude’ sign in any color that represents the festival season, like green, brown, burgundy, orange, or plum. Hang them anywhere, including the front door, walls, or mantle.

7. Eat, Drink, and Be Thankful Printable

The seasonal printable of ‘Eat, Sleep, and Be Thankful’ is a great way to decorate your dinner table. Use a high-resolution PDF file to print this sign on cardstock or regular paper. Any home printer can work for this idea but prefer the best one for the high-quality printouts.

If your printer needs replacement, this is the best time to explore a Thanksgiving printer sale 2019 to purchase a new printer. So, go on, set up your printer, and make this printable for your Thanksgiving tablescape.

8. Thanksgiving Popsicle Printable Centerpiece

When you have many things to be grateful for, share them with this incredible printable centerpiece idea. You need some free Thanksgiving ‘Give Thanks’ tags and Popsicle sticks to make this decoration. Use a rectangular planter and some colorful candy corns.

Choose Floral Styrofoam to fill the planter or vase before covering it with candy corns. Stick the popsicles to the Styrofoam, and your cute decoration is ready for fun.

9. Thanksgiving Countdown Printable

Counting the days up to Thanksgiving is as exciting as the festival itself. From preparing the lavish meals to decorations, everything makes you giddy. So, you can turn this feeling into a month-long activity with the printable Thanksgiving decorations like countdown banners.

Print colorful leaf patterns or any other design and arrange them on twine for display. Hang this banner on any wall or mantle for decoration purposes. Write something you’re grateful for on one side of this printable every day for a full month until Thanksgiving.

10. Thanksgiving Chalkboard Printable

If you love a farmhouse-style décor in your house, go for the ever-classic chalkboard printable decorations, this Thanksgiving Day. It will add warmth and festive charm to your living room.

You need a high-quality printer for an adorable ‘Give Thanks’ chalkboard printout. Frame it and place it anywhere in your décor. You can design it in any size, depending on your printer’s capacity. 8X10″ cardstock is the best choice, nevertheless.

So, these are some fun ideas for printable Thanksgiving decoration ideas you can try this year. But, you need a color printer for beautiful printables in bright colors. If the quality of your printer isn‘t good enough, time for change is here. Thankfully, you have the Thanksgiving printer sale 2019 to find a good printer at affordable prices.

For any help in selecting the best printer, you can talk to our experts and ask for their suggestions.

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