Name Your Price – SBS of Bakersfield Provides Many Financing Options

Cost-effective financing is the next step to helping you integrate the smallest or the biggest products into your business without breaking the bank. Best of all, SBS consults you on the equipment you need to stay at the cutting edge of marketability and competitiveness. Also, we connect you to the most tech savvy, multifunctional printers and copiers for the right price. 

We Offer Numerous Financing Options Below:

  • Month to Month Rentals
  • 12-63 Month Lease Options
  • Fair Market Buyout or Dollar Amount Lease Buy-Outs
  • Contracts and Financing In-House (Bad Credit? No Problem!)

We carry the best products in-house for immediate access, and we ship machines to any location in the nation. SBS will find the right financing plan that matches your needs. You have the option to choose a Month-to-Month Rental or a 12-63 Month term to give you and your business the financing options it deserves. You can choose either Fair Market Buyouts or Dollar Amount Lease Buy-Outs to better match your company’s spending. We also provide In-House Contracts and financing to better serve you and your corporation’s goals. Your credit score does not hinder us from helping you out with all your financing needs.


We find the right payment for you, which is why we have leasing, renting, and purchasing options. Whether you need a refurbished machine or want to know current inventories, call today for a Free Consultation at (661) 397-8602