Let Your Company’s True Colors Stand Out

An office staple, the copier has changed a lot since the introduction of the first plain-paper photocopier in 1959. For example, today’s models have more in common with computers than they do with that first machine. As a result, modern copiers combine copying, printing, faxing, scanning, and more into one networked machine. First, we understand how your printer will be used. Second, we lead you to the perfect color copier printer for your business!

The Quality

Companies that produce a lot of color documents need a photocopier with high-resolution capabilities. Likewise, a printer’s toner yield will determine how much color documents or images you can print out before changing your cartridge. Best of all, our SHARP color copiers give you the richest color copiers on the market. Let our team of experts help you select which one’s for you!

The Quantity

Each photocopier has a different production level. Also, a machine’s paper capacity determines the amount of paper the printer holds. First, we find out what your business’s production level is, and then if needed, we guide you to a photocopier with a large capacity. Therefore, you can finish more work without reloading the paper tray as often! Don’t let your office equipment freeze your productivity. Get Sharper with us!  (661) 397-8602

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