Protect Yourself Against Printer Hackers

By udm - June 26th, 2017 in security

Beware Printer Hackers

Hackers and their activities became popularized in the media. Based on the portrayal in movies and television, it seems like a good hacker can get into anything, from computers, traffic lights, and even printers.

Why is This a Security Problem?

That’s right, hackers can access your printer and not only operate it but retrieve important information. Back in the olden days, all you had to do to get rid of sensitive documents was put them in the trusty shredder before disposing of them. If someone wanted to find personal information, their first move would be to hack the computers. The landscape, however, is much different today.

Modern Day Thieves

Today, most printers have WIFI capabilities, an Internal Operating System, and even internal memory. They are basically computers without monitors. For many hackers, it is merely a case of finding a way to wirelessly connect to your computer, an act that is extremely easy thanks to backdoors provided by the websites of the very same companies that manufactured the computers.

Once inside, an individual not only has the obvious novelty opportunity of spamming the printer but can also look into the printer’s history and see any files sent to it. Most times they can even get a visual representation of said document to view.


What Should You Do?

Thankfully, these hazards can easily be negated by doing research. Manufacturers are aware of these issues and have instructions on their websites to secure your printer. Pay a visit to their web page and read up, or simply give us a call here at SBS and we’d be more than happy to answer your questions.

Most of the time protecting your printer in as easy as changing a few settings. Taking proactive action can mean the difference between being in the clear and is in trouble.

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