Printer Management Trends in 2018

By udm - April 20th, 2018 in Uncategorized

printer management

What’s Happening in The Printer Management World?

Print management hasn’t changed as fast as other technological advances have. Nevertheless, the opportunity for growth is changing. Organizations want to spend less on resources for managing their printers and more on their daily operations. For that reason alone, expect to see some of these trends in printer management in 2018 and on.

Cloud-Based Services and Print Security. 

Thousands of businesses all over the country are flocking to and adapting to the benefits of cloud services. But with more and more data entering the cloud, the need for robust printer security is also on the rise. Also, security remains a top priority for system admins and business owners. And high-profile data breaches have broken into our daily business lives and practices. Concerns over hacks have extended to the way businesses wish to operate daily as well as how they manage their printers.

What’s Being Done Today?

In 2018, companies and businesses will focus their attention and resources on print security. The goal is to implement reliable, user-friendly, secure printing, like pull printing, into their print management software. Many companies now offer an on-premises or cloud-based deployment, which can change the face of printing for years to come.

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