Print Media – How Social Media and Print Can Work Together

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print media

Print Media – How Social Media and Print Can Work Together

Social Media Domination

When it comes to connecting with friends, family, and interests, social media is unparalleled. With research and a little dedication, social media platforms can help business owners achieve customer loyalty and increase brand awareness. Furthermore, today’s customers appreciate fast, real-time feedback and connectedness, which social media platforms bring.

Print Media’s Unique Advantage

Although social media dominates the market today, printed media still has a few key advantages. The issue social media has at times is reliability. Most people consider print media to be more reliable than social media. Social media’s information gets decimated quicker and by anyone, which can cause errors. Also, print media is less distracting than social media. You can show online customers one ad but they can become sidetracked with a host of other ads or content not relative to your bottom line. In contrast, printed ads encourage concentration.

Incorporate Print and Social Media

Business owners should use both print advertisement and social media to drive customers to their brand. Here are a few ways one can utilize both media:

  1. Print large pieces at promotional events and encourage others to take photos around it and then share via social media
  2. Feature rave reviews from social media on brochures or other promotional material
  3. Add social media buttons and hashtags to printed materials and even decor elements. Some brands paint their social media hashtags right on their company walls. Get creative!
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