How to Fix Paper Jams

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paper jams

Office paper jams are about as inevitable as traffic jams. We all know copiers copy, misfeed, and get stuck. Did you know that malfunctions sometimes happen because the machine was set up incorrectly? Here is how to fix your copier’s paper jam.

Prevent Paper Jams

If you don’t want your copier to get jammed, you need to feed it the right paper. Like people, if we feed our selves a poor diet, we stop working well too. Similarly, you have to use the right quality paper for your copier so they can work their best. Buy good quality paper; First, check your copier’s technical manual so you stay knowledgeable on all the tech rules. The standard paperweight for copier machines is usually 20 lb. But some copier machines can use 22 or 24 lb. paper. Don’t forget to store your copier paper in a dry area to prevent damage!

More Tips

  • Prepare the paper every time you refill the machine.
  • Load paper carefully.
  • Remove copier paper from its sealed packaging.
  • Don’t overfill the copier’s tray.
  • Adjust the paper tray guides.
  • Don’t Forget to wipe the rollers.

Fix A Paper Jam

Let’s Read
First, you want to check the display panel. As soon as your copier or MFP jams, it’s crucial to review its LCD panel or display for relevant information; moreover, the panel info should tell you where the jam occurred; some panel’s give instructions on how to open the printer and fix the issue. Before fixing any jam, turn its power off. Placing your hands on electrical systems with working parts may cause injuries.

Remove Jammed Paper.

Remove all the jammed paper if you can. Once you open the copier, and before you stick your hands in there, let it cool down first. Next, find the jammed paper and remove each piece, and pull it in the opposite direction it was going when it got stuck. There may be paper remnants, and that’s why it’s important to check the rollers. Next, close the copier or printer and power it on again. Review your panel and see if it’s working once again.

SBS is Here to Help With Copier and MFP Jams

Sometimes no matter what you do to clear a copier jam, remove all of the paper, clean the rollers, and close it properly, it continues to get stuck. When you have a copier or MFP that continually stops with a paper jam, you need to make a service call. SBS offers onsite service repairs on all the machine products that we sell. This service means that you can have any product fixed quickly to regain your business.

Are you in a jam? Call the professionals at SBS. We take care of your tech tools to make sure they are running correctly, so you can focus on executing your business’ goals again.

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