5 Key Benefits of Mobile Printing For Your Busy Office

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5 Key Benefits of Mobile Printing For Your Busy Office

Weekday mornings can be crazy. Blinking voicemails. A full email box and so many work tasks demanding your attention. With the many applications that help save time, phone to wireless printing technology keeps you stay focused and productive on essential tasks.

Mobile printing thrives on a cloud-based platform. Furthermore, it allows any employee with network access and an internet connection to give a print command from their mobile phone, enabling to work on the go.

How Does Mobile Printing Work?

Using a mobile printing printer, you can create, revise, and print relevant documents on the go. The process involves sending data to a printer wirelessly from a smartphone, tablet, or a desktop.

A mobile printing system consists of three main components:

  •       An internet connection
  •       A printer
  •       A device that prints documents on its own or through a printing software

These printers usually can be linked to your WLAN like any other wireless client, and can then be accessed by all other wireless and wired stations on the same network or from an installed wireless print server. With both Android or iOS capabilities, they are well-suited for any type of business.

So, whether you’re at a meeting or need a paper urgently, you can directly command your phone to HP printer to get things done.

Benefits of Mobile Printing

Many industries are heavily dependent on paper, like healthcare, legal, recruiting, real estate, and service-based companies. They may also have on-field or “mobile” employees who are always on the move. For example, a realtor needs lots of paper to be printed and needs to move between many homes or offices with prospective clients in a day. Therefore, by having the ability to print from their mobile device, they can provide an excellent service to their clients.

Here are some top benefits of mobile printing for your organization or those interacting with yours.

1.    Enhanced Productivity

Whether you’ve service technicians on the road, sales rep spread out throughout regional offices, or employees working from home, having printed documents is probably an established part of your business workflow.

Mobile printing technology eliminates the need to stay in the office to print important documents due to its cross-platform ability. Also, employees can connect to a networked mobile printing printer using a secure Wi-Fi connection to print documents from any part of the office or outside. With employees being able to print on the go increases their convenience and makes them more efficient and productive.

2.    Improved Collaboration

In modern office spaces, professionals who are consistently in office or on the move need smart solutions to keep them connected. In fact, a study states 60% of workforce prefers mobile apps for managing their daily business tasks.

A smart mobile printing process creates improved collaboration as it helps workers to print from their laptops or phones quickly to get essential tasks done.

3.    Better Customer Service

Phone to wireless printing has a special use case for departments dealing heavily with business clients or end customers. For example, when an individual service executive interfaces with clients, giving them the ability to get tasks done without losing time saves customer frustration and improves client satisfaction.

With a mobile printing solution, they can complete customer-facing processes without leaving their desks. With this real benefit, you can install the  best mobile printing printer that improves business outcomes.

4.    Added Flexibility

With a secure channel to print important documents on the go, employees can respond with greater flexibility and efficiency to tasks on hand.

Mostly, the printers have mobile app compatibility that allows editing the documents or changing images to finishing touches to a project. For example, an architect can make last-minute changes to a drawing and get it printed even before reaching the client’s office using this technology.

Even when traveling, they needn’t wing it if they forget crucial handouts on the office printer. Instead, they can access these documents anywhere using a smartphone and print in time to attend the meeting. There’s no need to prepare for printing contingencies. Also, it lightens the travel briefcase and the mind even while on the move.

5.    Establishes a Secure Environment

By implementation of a phone to wireless printing, you can set a security standard for your business processes. You needn’t worry over secure documents ending up in the hands of unauthorized users.

Instead, you can rely on a unified enterprise mobile printing solution that offers full control over the entire process. There are options for user authentication and encryption that prevent unauthorized access to the documents.

Features You Can Expect in a Mobile Printing Solution

mobile printing

Mobile printing is a  durable and easy to use solution. It not only offers rich print quality but also support a variety of media. You can use them in conjunction with handheld or wearable devices, as well.

Many features and designs are available in mobile printers to meet the specific needs of employees when they print from phone to HP printer. These include:

  • Printing from mobile to all existing printers. With support for Apple AirPrint, users can print from an iOS and OS X device without installing a print driver. There is a Chrome extension to facilitate printing from Chromebooks as well.
  • A variety of power and connectivity options that include built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • Compatibility with Android, iOS, and Windows operating system.
  • Ability to print on different stock or paper sizes listed in the printer specs.
  • Support for different file formats along with features like advanced language support and automatic print device discovery.

For example, Sharp’s MX-3640N/3140N/2640N offers high-resolution copying and printing. It uses second-generation Mycrostoner-HG, advanced imaging system, and Sharpdesk Mobile application for hassle-free printing solutions.

When it comes to the implementation of new technology like mobile printing in your busy office, cost benefits are also the deciding factor. Therefore, if you have a lot of workers who operate remotely, a mobile printing printer will increase their productivity and reduce the IT burden.

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