New MFP Printers Include a Pull-Out Keyboard for Ease of Use

By udm - June 8th, 2020 in printer

New MFP Printers Include a Pull-Out Keyboard for Ease of Use

Innovative printer technologies improve efficiency and productivity in the office. The cutting-edge features of modern printers range from mobile printing to pull-out or retractable keyboard for simplicity.

A multi-function printer (or MFP printers) is one such printer that consolidates the functionalities of a printer, scanner, copier, and fax all into a single device. With a pull-out keyboard, data entries get easy and quick.

But, is it more convenient and better than touchscreen keyboards? Let’s find out.

Benefits of a Pull-Out/Retractable Keyboard

With a retractable keyboard, you can simplify the entries of the subject line and email address. Also, when attempting repetitive tasks like user authentication, this feature comes handy. The ergonomic interface ensures responsiveness and accuracy in entries.

Is a Pull-Out Keyboard Better Than a Touchscreen?

In terms of functionality, both keyboard and LCD touchscreen have some brownie points to their credit. The choice depends on the way you intend to use the printer.

For example, if you can scan your address book to select the email addresses instead of typing in the path, then the keyboard isn’t essential. You could set the file name on your computer when retrieving the scan. However, if you need to send a scan directly to a third-party, a pull-out keyboard is more useful.

What If You Get Both?

When you need a printer that allows you to set up, operate, manage, control, and maintain operations with ease, look for consolidated features. Brands such as SHARP offer MFP models with user-interface features that combine the best of both worlds. You can buy high-end printers with touch and type functionality.

Using this feature, you can easily manage the printing jobs and name files efficiently on a high-resolution touchscreen or type on a pull-out keyboard. The displays offer an intuitive interface similar to your mobile devices and look much like a tablet.

For example, Sharp MFPs have easy modes for better functionality. It displays functions in large and bright keys and tiles. You can also customize the flexible display layout to set a custom menu depending on your workflow.

When combined with a pull-out keyboard, you no more have to fret over the repetitive scanning jobs. Even interacting with your printers is now easier than before. Use the power of natural language and your voice to give commands like making copies or scanning documents.

What Else to Look for When Buying MFPs?

Despite the easy interface and functionality, you can’t buy an MFP printer for its convenience only. So, consider factors like security, support, and integration as well.

Sharp printers are backed by Sharp OSA technology that delivers customized interfaces for quick access to critical business data. The security suite helps administrators to prevent unauthorized network access.

MFP printers are continually enhancing their features to gain a competitive edge. It’s exciting to see how these features evolve with changing user needs. So, keep checking the latest specifications to get the most of your machine.

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