Marketing Collateral That Sticks in Your Clients’ Minds

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Make Your Marketing Collateral Stick in Your Clients’ Minds with Labels and Stickers

Breaking through an already cluttered competitive marketplace needs a strong visual brand identity. A great way to create this visual appeal and a permanent connection among your paying customers is thorough using custom-printed labels and stickers

These collaterals not only advertise your business but put brand recognition in front of clients’ minds. You can create unique promotional materials in varied designs while keeping them waterproof, durable, and long-lasting.

Here are some ideas that may work for your business.

Custom Die-Cut Stickers

Instead of relying on traditional designs, choose custom stickers for your marketing campaigns. Die-cut stickers look perfect if you design them with your brand’s logo. They give your brand an edge over the competition.

Use them as a free giveaway stacked on the counter. The stickers with custom designs or shapes look appealing, and they get your brand in the minds of the fans.

Promotional Labels and Stickers

Use promotional stickers and labels to boost your brand’s familiarity, especially when launching a new product or running a marketing campaign. It is a cost-effective way to promote your business and build a solid reputation among the clients.

Sticker marketing, thankfully, has a vast brand retention rate despite the low costs involved in designing them. You can even affix them to any beverage bottles, bags, food items, or a product you’re promoting.

Vinyl Stickers

Whether you need marketing collateral for outdoor promotions or indoor advertising, vinyl stickers are a great choice. They are adhesive-backed and extremely durable. You can design vinyl stickers with die-cut to suit your labeling needs as well.

The expected lifespan of vinyl is up to seven years. So, if you use them in the right place and choose the right shapes/sizes, they are a sustainable marketing solution.

Roll Stickers

If you’re looking for a big campaign, it’s better to print labels and stickers in bulk. You can custom design the roll stickers in any shape, size, or artwork using a variety of colors.

Stickers on a roll are perfect for events like concerts, music festivals, game days, and other outdoor activities. Also, you can use them as packaging labels for the new product launches while promoting them.

Bumper Stickers

Need a fun and affordable way to stay in your clients’ memories? Choose bumper stickers that can stick on their cars and trucks. Bumper stickers are created with a special adhesive that’s suitable for vehicles.

You may advertise your business by using them in your service vehicles, handing out at an event, or adding in your merchandise bag with every purchase. Custom design the bumper stickers with your brand name, logo, and tag line. Use durable materials, like vinyl, that protect the stickers from sunlight, scratches, and water.  

Equipment Stickers

Another way to display your brand identity is to use stickers on equipment that comes in the public eye. For example, paste them on the laptops, cash registers, desks, recycling bins, and so on.

The design can be fancy or just a logo of your brand. They work as mini-marketing collateral to stick your brand in the customers’ minds while adding a little more character to your store.

Sweepstake Labels

You can use games and sweepstake labels using peal and reveal techniques to promote your brand among a wide clientele.

For example, if you’re a retail store with a considerable presence, use games and sweepstake labels for promoting a game where customers get a coupon on purchase. When they peel the label, they may find a redeemable gift inside. 

Expandable Reseal Labels

Labels that remains affixed to the mailed package or products while they also expand to reveal more content fall under this idea. When you package a product having limited space for labeling, use this form of labels and stickers to provide detailed information, give directions, present content in multiple languages, or to include nutritional charts to health/food products.

Scratch-Off Labels

For promoting your products in exciting ways, you can also choose scratch-off labels. These are clear-film labels having scratch-off coatings. Beneath the coating is the winning or non-winning message.

Get innovative and creative to print these labels using unique colors, artwork, scratch-off materials, or coating layers.

Kraft Stickers and Labels

If you want an eco-friendly option for labeling and promoting your products, use Kraft stock as the best printing solution. The distinctive dark brown color and unique texture of this material are warm and appealing to the eyes.

This marketing collateral is ideal for indoor shelf displays. They work for a variety of applications, including the advertisement of technology products, food packaging, and promotional items. Print them with a self-adhesive technique using vivid colors to stand out strikingly.

Are Stickers and Labels Really Good Marketing Collateral?

Well, when it comes to marketing, sometimes, the best ideas aren’t the complex ones. You can, instead, choose a simple idea and make it work for your marketing campaigns. Printable marketing collateral is one such great idea that has many benefits. A strategically-designed custom sticker or label has a lasting impact on your clients.

Check out these reasons to use them:

Lower ROI

Budget is a vital factor affecting your marketing campaigns. With customized stickers, you can save a lot on your marketing costs. These collaterals are easily noticed, and you can change them anytime without much afterthought. Use them for a holiday theme, to celebrate a company anniversary, or to promote an upcoming sale.

Ideal for Mobile Advertising

Labels and stickers are an ideal form of mobile advertising. You can distribute stickers to your existing customers as recognition of their loyalty or use them at a trade show for promotions.

Create a Brand Community

Build your community of fans using custom stickers people can use. For instance, bumper stickers are a wonderful way to convey your brand message. Your customers can show their love for your brand with stickers that speak about your brand values, uniqueness of your products, or supremacy of your company.

Integrate with Other Promotional Materials

When you need to rev up your branding campaigns, using every tool in your arsenal makes sense. Stickers and labels, in this regard, are the most flexible option. You can integrate them with catalogs, gift articles, water bottles, caps, brochures, and product packaging. Use thematically-designed stickers for easy integration with other existing promotional items.

With these ideas, create labels and stickers that will stick in the memory of your clients, both existing and targeted. For printing these promotional items, use high-quality printers that churn flawless and glossy images, perfect for advertising purposes.

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