How Office Suppliers Manage Their Business during COVID-19

By udm - April 27th, 2020 in printer

How Office Suppliers Manage Their Business during COVID-19

 The spread of pandemic COVID-19 has not only affected human life but has had severe economic implications on businesses as well. In particular, office supply management has been caught off guard, and its ripple effects are seeping through its supply chains. This poses a grim situation for all office suppliers.

However, you can still manage your supply operations by creating a resilient system and team that benefits both, your company and clients. 

Let’s see how.

Staying Proactive

Since Coronavirus is affecting every sector and community, they can also choose a comprehensive system that focuses on safety, consistency, and support for supply management.  

First, try to control the spread of the virus among your staff, customers, and communities by following the recommendations of the CDC. Implement the best measures not only for your office workers but also for physical stores, delivery staff, and installers. Do not let your customers face the shortage of essential office supplies like printer ink. 

Second, maintain a consistent flow of products to mitigate panicked buying. Most importantly, ensure proactive support for your clients and employees in these testing times through open communications. 

Planning for Volatile Demands

The growing concern for COVID-19 is causing demand volatility for essential office supplies. There are import curbs that further restrict the supply chains. In this scenario, office suppliers can move up their ante by anticipating the demands and supply trends. Also, the preparedness extends to planning for the bull-whip effect. 

With heavy point-of-sale demands, retailers and distributors may over-order that leads to over-manufacturing. At this point, you can resolve the supply dilemmas by communicating with your clients about their current and expected needs. Create contingency plans based on the situations. 

Some businesses may need a buffer stock to maintain operational continuity. As an office supplier, you can help these businesses by removing potential roadblocks in their operations. 

Ensuring Product Availability

To maintain productivity under the current pandemic scare, companies are asking their employees to work remotely from their homes. This is also necessary to maintain social distancing and control the community spread of the disease. 

However, not every employee will be prepared to support their work at home. They will need essential supplies delivered at their doorstep, especially in the areas under the lockdown. 

Office suppliers can help these remote workers by ensuring residential deliveries. Allow your customers to put their orders online to get started early. 

Following Safety Protocols

When providing doorstep deliveries, you need to ensure that your delivery personnel or installers aren’t infected with the virus. Here, you need to follow strict guidelines and safety protocols recommended by health organizations, local governments, and the CDC.

Ask your warehouse personnel and delivery staff to wear gloves and sanitize surfaces they touch frequently. Reschedule the deliveries if the virus infects anyone at the client’s organization, or there’s a scheduled closure of the office.

Disruptions happening due to COVID-19 are inevitable. But, office suppliers can maintain their operational workflows with flexibility and quick responses. Stay in touch with your customers and remote staff through proper channels and ensure agile decision-making to manage your business in these distressing times.  


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