Interactive, Across-the-Board Communication

SBS Bakersfield is proud to offer the SHARP AQUOS BOARD®, a smart and interactive display system that crushes standard whiteboards. Furthermore, Aquos Boards are designed with collectivity and simplicity in mind. In fact, it provides across-the-board communication on an enormous scale of contexts. For instance, their digital touch pens allow many people to access the same touchscreen monitor at the same time. As a result, workplace collaboration is possible!

From your conference room to your workspaces, huge lecture halls or training seminars, a Sharp Aquos Board can effortlessly magnify your workplace productivity. Finally, maintain your audience’s attention. Clarify your message. Improve your multi-user friendly communication. Enhance your company image. And give your work the representation it deserves. With Sharp Aquos Board working for you, the potential projects are limitless.

Our staff are not salespeople – we are business consultants at heart. Most of all, we want to supply you with SHARP’s top products.

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